“Many would like to know how they, a very poor community, managed to collect so much money and raise up such costly and imposing structures to the glory of God. Sincere faith in our God-created Church and its Divine Mission and generously-minded hearts and hands give the answer”

Archdeacon Smyth 1921


£200: Archdeacon Smyth.

£30: Dr. and Mrs. Flynn.

£20 each: Archbishop Clune, the Rev Father Briody.

£10 each: Mrs. W. Rafferty, Mr. and Mrs. W. Fee, Nurse Brown, St Clair’s Hospital.

£6: Mr. Tom Shanahan and family.

£5 5s each: Mrs. Chamberlain (Perth), Mr. P. Martin, Mr. J.J. Snigg (Perth), Redemptorist Fathers, per Father Murray, Captain Mardon, a “Convent,” the Very Rev. Father Fagan, Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham (Perth).

£5 each: Mrs. Skipworth and family, Mr. T. Hynes, Mr. and Mrs. Rumble, Mrs. Jack Shine, the Right Rev. Monsignor Verling, V.G., the Rev. Father Doddy, Mr. J.C. Tobin and family.

£4 4s: Miss M.F. Booth (Perth).

£3 3s each: Mr. Chadd, the Right Rev. Dr. O’Connor (Armadale), the Rev. Father McCormack.

£3 each: Mrs. and Mrs. Taylor, the Very Rev. Father Moss (Perth), Miss Garvey.

£2 10s: Mr. and Mrs. Jim Shanahan and family.

£2 2s: Mr. N. Boyle, “A Friend,” Mr. Jamson, Mrs. Henderson, Mrs. W.B. Castieau. Mr. W.B. Castieau, Mr T.J. Banting, Miss Cleary, Baby Kelly, Mr. J.J. Lyons, Miss Cashman, Miss Manning, Mr. and Mrs. Tennant, the Rev. Father J.F. Maloney, the Rev. Father Reidy (Katanning), the Rev. Father O’Neill, Mr. and Mrs. O’Dwyer, Mrs. Wiggett, Mr. Mick Rodgers, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dwyer (Perth), “Anonymous.”

£2 each: Mrs. Rodgers, sen., Miss Garaghty, Mrs. Byrne, Mrs. Staunton, Mr. J.P. Doheny, Miss McGillis.

£1 10s: Mr. Dan Kelly, Miss Nellie Connor.

£1 1s each: The Rev. Father Lynch, Mrs. Mick Rodgers, Mr. Dan Buckley, Mr. Farrell, Mr. and Mrs. J. Delfs, Inspector Sellinger, Mrs. McIntee, Mrs. Gould, Mr. Ted Rafferty, J.P. Banting, Mrs. Ferry (Collie), Mr. and Mrs. T. Flood, Mrs. Prout, Mr and Mrs. Joe Milligan, Mr. and Mrs. G. King, Mr. and Mrs. Tyers, Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Kelly, Mrs. R. Ganfield, Miss Doolan, the Rev. Father McCabe, the Rev. Father O’Gorman, Mrs. Blythe, “A Friend,” Mr. E. Wells, the Rev. Father Dunn (Perth). Mr. G.T. Wood, Mr. M.J. O’Sullivan, Inspector Lloyd, Mr. and Mrs. Looney, and Rev. Father Lyons.

£1 each: The Hon. Edwin Rose, M.L.C., Mr Monaghan, Miss Eckersley, Miss Power (Perth), Mrs. W. Power, Mr. and Mrs. C. Wilks, Mr. Jim Milligan, Mr. Will Milligan, Mr. McDonald, Miss Dot Coonan, Miss Wilks, Mr. John Dunne, Nurse Delaney, Mr. B. Noonan, Miss May Noonan, Mr. Nick Power, W. Cox (Burekup), E. Wells, Mr. George Young, T.W. Harris, Pat Veale, Mrs. Stewart, Miss Wringe, Mrs. Doyle, Mrs. Tom Shanahan, Mr. Ted Reilly, Mr. and Mrs. W. Hastie, “Friend,” Mr. W.K. Lee, Francis and Monica Delagado, Miss Fox, “A Friend,” Mr. Joe Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Joe Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Bushell, Mr. and Mrs. Willie White, Mrs. Shaw, Dr Joel, Mick and Willie Shine, Mr. P. Murphy, Mrs. Mick Rodgers, Mrs. W. Atkins, Miss Connor, St Brigid’s Convent (Perth), Miss Marsh, Miss Milligan.

15s each: Mrs. Les. Atkins, C.H. Harris.

12s 6d: Mrs, Roberts, “Friends.”

10s 6d each: “A Friend,” Miss K. Power, “Friend,” Mrs. McCurthy, Mr. John O’Rourke, Miss Garvey, Mr. Phil. Craigie, Mrs. Myers, Mr. Bartley, sen., Mr. John Dalton. Mrs. Dalton, Mrs. Catlett, Mr. J. McGarry, Mrs. Banting, Miss E. Bartley, Mrs. Springman, Mrs. Walton, Mrs. Britton, Miss Myers, Mrs. Bartley Snr.

10s each: ‘A Friend,’ Mrs. J. Foster, Mrs. McKenzie, Mrs. C.E. Simmons, Mrs. Ferris, Mrs. Grey, F. Banting, Mrs. I. Hall, C. Buswell, Mr. T. Busher, Mr. F. Busher, Mr. J. Busher, Mr. Depiazzi, Mrs. Rodgers, Mr. T. Hastie, Mr. Tom Dillon, Mr. Mick Banting, Mr. Paddy Daley, Miss McAuliffe, Mr. J. White, Mrs. Morris, Mr. T. Sullivan, Mr. L. Buswell, Mrs. Burrington, Mrs. Herb. Mort, C.E. Hastie, Mr. Harry Phillips, Mr. Quebas, Mr. Culhane, Mrs. Culhane, Mr. Paddy Buswell, Mr. Dennis Rodgers, Mrs. Rodgers, Mr. W. T. Delaney, Mr. Jack Woods, Nora Hall, Mrs. T. Buswell, Miss Fenwick, Mr. T. Prosser, Mrs O’Neil (Dardanup), Mr. and Mrs. J. Hastie, sen., Mrs. Charles Hansen, Mr. J. Dillon, Mr. Mat Clune, Miss K. Noonan, Miss D. Johnson, Miss Blythe, Mrs. Swansen, Grace Hall, L. Foreman, Mrs. Chamberlain, Mrs. Maloney, Mrs. Barren, Miss Fanning, Mr. G. Williams, Mr. T.J. Hastie, Mrs. Spruhan, Mr. Watson, Mr. and Miss White, Mr. Taylor, Mrs. G. Johnson, Mrs. Sergeant, Mr. Be. Slattery, Mrs. Gray, Miss McKay, Mr. Paddy Doyle, Miss Fanning, Mr. W. Myers, Jack O’Rourke, Miss Carroll, Mrs. Springman, Miss Wimbridge, Mrs. Parkinson, Miss Hough, Mr. Leo. Buggy, Mrs. Flood, Mr. Brennan, Mrs. Hithersay, Mrs. R. Hastie, Mrs. Brennan, E. Walter, Les. Banting, Reg. Kelly, Ls. Freeman, Claude King, Cecil Buswell, L. Freeman (Perth), Vic. Freeman, R. Maslin, Mrs. R. Maslin, Claude Delaney, Mr. Roberts, Jerry Stapleton, Mr. Purling.

8s: Mrs. Finnie.

7s 6d each: Miss Delaney, Mr. Barrett, Miss M. Milligan, Mr. W. Ganfield, Mr. Taylor, Mrs. Offer, W. Warburton, Mrs. Deleport, Mrs. Barrett. “A Friend.”

6s 6d each: Mrs. J. Buck. “A Friend.”

6s each: Mr. and Mrs. M. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. C. Rodgers, Miss White.

5s 6d each: Mrs. Meares, Mr. J. Rodgers, W. O’Rourke.

5s each: Miss B. Shivers, Miss Busher, Miss Philpott, “A Friend,” Mr. Ted Dillon, Mr. W. O’Rourke, Miss McDonald, Mr. W. Clofford, Miss Forbes, Miss Hensen, Miss Wringe, Mr. V. Hansen, Miss Paddon, Mr. Fred Buck, Mrs. Foxwell, Mrs Calloway, Miss Mary Hastie, Miss A. Hastie, Mr. Bernie Hastie, Mrs. Frank Howard, Mrs. J. Depiazzi, Mr. Pat. Lyons, Mr. Dick Rooney, Mr. Offer, Mrs. Fee, Miss Slattery, Mr. R. White, Mr. J. Harris, Mr. J. White, Miss N. Tyler, Miss Ivy Atkins, Mr. McDonald, Mr. J.J. Barrett, Mrs. White, B. Freeman, Miss Hastie, L. Barnard, J. Wells, Master Jack Dalton, Mr. W. Metcalf, Mrs J. Kelly, Mrs. O’Brien, Miss Hollands, Mrs. Simpson, Mr. J. Hall, T. Dillon, W. Rooney, Mrs. Schmittiau, Miss Maudsley, Miss Spruhan, J. Kealy, Miss Ganfield.

4s each: Clune Children, Mrs. Morrissey, Mr. Cook, Miss E. Ferry, “Friends,” Mrs. J. Walker, Miss C. Harris, Mrs. Walters.

3s each: Mrs. W. Rodwell, Mrs. Delaney, Miss A Dickerson, Mr. Mick Veale, Mr. Rushton, Miss D. Bartley, Miss Tyers.

2s 6d each: Mrs. Owens, Miss Finnie, Owen Boys, Mr. Lamb, Bob Maslin, jun., N. Hastie, Mr. J.J. O’Reilly, Mrs. F. Webber, Miss Cumming, Master H. Schmittieau, Mr. Jack Bunting, Miss V. Cattlett, Mr. Baldock.

2s each: Miss M. Hastie, Mr. J. Hynes, Mr. Pat Culhane, Mr. Jack Culhane, Mr. Kelly (Donnybrook), D. Ganfield, Miss Le Coy, “Friend.”

1s each: Miss Metcalf, Jimmy Rodgers, Miss Baldock, Frank Clem, and Rhoda Owens.