Information about Catechists

What does a Catechist do?

“A catechist is a person who facilitates the process of faith formation.  This is done first by echoing the word of God in his or her own life, and second by helping others to do so.  Though your work with adults, families, adolescents, and children, you are passing on a living faith”

Joe Paprocki

The primary goal of a catechist is to model God’s love to others.  As a result, the primary requisite of a catechist is a love for God and a love for children. A catechist designs and structures experiences for students that help them grow in their personal faith and spirituality and passes on to students a  set of shared meanings and values that are Catholic and Christian. A catechist also initiates others into the faith community, into its life, its worship, symbols and practices.

The role of the catechist is a vital ministry to the Church.  It is a gift that has tremendous value to the world community at large because through the catechist’s word and action, the message of Christ continues to have a place in all human affairs.

Why should I become a catechist?

In choosing to become a catechist, you are answering God’s call, the call of your baptism.  This decision is one which will not only enrich the lives of your students, but also your own faith life.

Will I receive training and support?

The Bunbury Diocese offers an excellent catechist’s formation program.  The initial formation course consists of 18 sessions covering such important issues as theology, scripture, religious education, spirituality, lesson planning, classroom activities and a variety of other subjects. Over all, the sessions are made up of two components:

  • A personal faith development segment, which raises awareness of current teachings and practices within the Church.
  • Practical sessions which follow and explain the teaching programme. Participants are introduced to current practices in the teaching/learning process, stages of development, strategies for group management and available resources.

Meetings and prayer days will be provided for catechists throughout the year . These are opportunities for catechists to take time out for their own spiritual growth.  A mass will be celebrated annually in the Cathedral with the Bishop being the main celebrant.

How do I find out more?

Please contact the Catechist Coordinator who is able to offer you advice and guidance about becoming a catechist.