Diocesan Finance Office

What They Do

The Diocesan Finance Office (DFO) is responsible for the administration of the assets of the diocese. This includes supervising the administration of assets belonging to parishes.

In addition to administering the assets of the diocese and its parishes, the DFO is also responsible for all aspects of finance and accounting including implementing the budget determined by the Diocesan Finance Council (DFC), meeting the expenditure authorised by the Bishop and preparing financial reports of the diocese and its apostolates.

The responsibilities of the DFO also include managing the Catholic Development Fund (CDF) on behalf of investors in the fund. This role includes investment management, reporting marketing and customer service. Other responsibilities include managing CatholicCare, Lumen Christi Homes, Busselton Youth Camp and Retired Priests Fund.

The role of the DFO reflects the church’s desire to have a prudent system of controls in its finance and administration. It does this in accordance with the Civil and Church Laws and its own policies promulgated by the Bishop.

Apart from the DFC, another key consultative body that assists the DFO administer the assets of the diocese and its parishes, is the Diocesan Resources Committee (DRC). This body is appointed by the Bishop to assist with the best use of the property assets of the diocese and parishes.

Financial Administrator: Mr John F Ogilvie KSG

Mailing: Diocesan Finance Office
PO Box 2005

Phone: (08) 9721 0500

E-mail: dio@bunburycatholic.org.au