Liturgical Programs


The Pastoral Office has for its aim to encourage the full, conscious and active participation of all people in liturgical rites and to oversee the quality of worship across the Diocese.

The work of the Pastoral Office is to assist every individual parish assembly in making their assembly worship a Transformative experience whereby parishioners are empowered to live the Gospel message at home, at school and in the workplace.

Programs offered by the diocesan Liturgical Team include:-

  • Advent/Lenten programs
  • Training programs for the ministries of Acolyte, Lector and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Parish liturgical ministries include those of

  • Altar Servers
  • Cantors and Choirs
  • Ministry of Children’s Liturgy of the Word. These services are offered in age appropriate language so that the children may reflect on how the readings relate to their everyday lives.
  • Eucharistic Ministers who are entrusted to administer the Body and Blood of Christ at each eucharistic liturgy.
  • Funeral Planning Committee. Provides support for grieving family members by assisting them in choosing the scriptures and music for the funeral mass.
  • Funeral Meals Committee prepares and serves a complete meal for the family and for a limited number of people.
  • Lectors (Ministers of the Word) are prepared readers who proclaim the Word of God at weekend, Holy Day, and special liturgies.
  • Sacristans are behind the scenes parishioners who understand the physical requirements of the liturgy, and prepare the bread, cups and linens essential to each liturgy.
  • Ushers provide a smooth flow to our liturgies by offering seating assistance and directing the offertory collection, Eucharist procession and bulletin distribution.