About the Diocese

Since settlement began in the late twenties of the nineteenth century, Spanish, French, Irish, African, Austrian, Scottish, English, Belgian, Italian, Polish, Indian, Sri Lankan and Filipino priests have worked in the area that is now the Bunbury Diocese. The Diocese contains about one sixth of the population of Western Australia, somewhat unevenly distributed over 26 parishes. Most of the population lives on the coast, and those who do not live there permanently, endeavour to go to the coast for holidays, usually in the Spring and Summer. The size of the Diocese can best be grasped when it is expressed as one and a half times as big as England. Comprising the whole of the South Western portion of the State of Western Australia below the 32 45’6” parallel of South Latitude; bounded on the West by the Indian Ocean and the Great Australian Bight.

Fifty years after the foundation of the Anglican Diocese of Bunbury, a Catholic Diocese centred on the same town, came into existence in 1954 and on 12th November of that year Bishop Launcelot John Goody, DD, D.Ph., was appointed the first Bishop of the new Diocese. Bishop Goody served the Diocese of Bunbury for 14 years, before being appointed Archbishop of Perth in 1968.

The Most Rev. Myles McKeon was the second Bishop of Bunbury, Bishop McKeon was ordained Bishop of Bunbury in 1969, but retired due to ill health 13 years later.

Bishop Peter Quinn, became the third Bishop of the Bunbury Diocese in 1982 and retired in 2001.
Bishop Gerard Holohan became the fourth Bishop of the Bunbury Diocese in 2001.