St Patrick’s Cathedral is a significant building for the parish, for the Catholic Diocese of Bunbury, for the City of Bunbury, and for the communities of the southern portion of Western Australia.

For the parish, it is a place of worship and a place to celebrate marriages, witness baptisms and to grieve at funerals.

For the diocese, it is a spiritual font of faith and a symbol of belonging to the wider Catholic family.

For the city, the Cathedral is a a major landmark and icon.

For all, it is a reminder of God’s presence and love for all, be they religious or not. It is a place where many with no other connection to formal religion can come just to sit, to reflect, to pray and to enjoy the peace and the quiet of this special place.

The original Cathedral was built by past generations as a statement of their faith and pride. The new Cathedral has been built with the same faith and pride.

It has been said that great cities are blessed with great cathedrals. The new St Patrick’s Cathedral on the Bunbury skyline will help make the great city of Bunbury even greater, by honouring our heritage and looking towards the future.