cathedral_precinct_190At the heart of the Catholic Diocese is its Cathedral Church and the Cathedral Precinct – the arms and legs that will ultimately fulfill the Diocesan mission of liturgy, education and service. This precinct is made up of several components including:

St Patrick’s Cathedral

This is the mother church and spiritual home of all the members of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Bunbury, which inspires our diverse community across the south west of Australia. The Cathedral functions as a “palace of the poor,” serving those in need by appealing to volunteers and donors who support cultural and community projects from a platform that will exist for centuries.


The Cathedral’s Crypt is located directly beneath the sanctuary of the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. The crypt is a small space that will allow for the burial of past, present and future Bishops of Bunbury.
The first Bishop of Bunbury, the Most Reverend Lancelot J Goody DD PhD, was remembered in the Crypt at a special service after the Cathedral is dedicated.

Parish Offices

The parish offices is located adjacent the historic Parish House and houses the pastoral and support services of the Bunbury parish. It includes several offices for priests and deacons as well as meeting rooms for the various parish committees including the Parish Pastoral Council and Parish Finance Committee. In their new home the parish welcomes new parishioners who move into Bunbury.

Parish Hall

Vital to the teaching and service mission of the diocese and parish, the parish hall is open to all diocesan entities and parishes, as well as to the community at large. It is located between the diocesan offices and Cathedral and includes conference facilities, audiovisual equipment and a fully fitted out kitchen.

Diocesan Office

The diocesan offices enables all diocesan staff to work together under one roof. The social services, liturgical, pastoral, financial, administrative and educational departments of the Diocese are all housed within this space, including the office of the Bishop.


The Bishop and priests who are responsible for the parish and the Cathedral have their residences within the Cathedral Precinct. Visiting priests are also accommodated within the precinct.

Lawns and Garden

The Cathedral precinct has been beautifully landscaped, with space for the parishioners, the local community and visitors to enjoy.

Cathedral Shop

The Cathedral shop provides a range of items for sale and welcomes all to the Cathedral Precinct.