To celebrate the Year of Mercy our Parish formed a committee of eight parishioners to create a visual art piece so that, along with words, there would be a visual expression of the central point of the Year of Mercy.

The heart representing God, was suggested by Christine Emmerson, and Voytek bought her idea into being. The concept of the hands came from Julie Birch and Christine Derickx, two teachers from our school.

The Cords represent Us. The knots in the cord represent our failure, on occasions, to share freely with others the love and forgiveness that God has so freely given and continues to share with each of us.

During the Penitential Rite at each of our weekend masses a parishioner unties a knot on behalf of all, as a sign of our openness to sharing God’s love with others.
The Hands are the hands of each of our school children and they represent all those who wait to receive from God and are merciful in our giving to others.

An entry statement in our Church foyer is also nearing completion.