A short video of Lee Kernaghan’s ‘Spirit of the ANZACS’ followed by an invitation to attend the ANZAC Mass, was presented to Parishioners at weekend Masses preceding ANZAC Day. Numbers jumped from 44 last year to 77 this year! A new National Flag, portable flagpole and a Gallipoli life-size soldier cut-out were added this year to a variety of other memorabilia displays including signs and succinct documents describing the 15 recorded conflicts (including Peacekeeping) in which Australians have served, since the Colonial period in 1788. These ‘hands-on’ displays attracted a lot of interest and surprise. Our grateful thanks to Fr Pierangelo Repuyan for his moving celebration and participation in our Remembrance Ceremony, in the absence of Fr Concord, who was in the Philippines. Thanks to all who assisted. Lest we forget!