Catholic Schools

Catholic schools seek to create environments that enhance learning, nurture young people and empower them to live in the spirit of Jesus Christ by:

  • Contributing to society from a Christian service perspective;
  • Developing life values based upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ;
  • Developing a hunger for the learning adventure;
  • Challenging each other to seek truth and justice for all, especially the most vulnerable;
  • Capturing the joy in the mystery of the created universe;
  • Embracing the diversity of the world and all its people;
  • Walking together in a spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness.

In these challenging times, as families struggle with changing cultural and moral contexts, Catholic schools offer a clear path in developing the whole person – heart, soul, body and mind.

The Catholic schools of the Diocese of Bunbury are committed not only to the development of young people through education, but also to the formation of our young people in Christian virtue and conscience. Through Catholic education, schools hope to foster a Christian mentality within society. They seek to promote justice, particularly to those who are culturally, physically, intellectually, financially or spiritually disadvantaged. They hope to demonstrate the Church’s commitment to the dignity of the individual, particularly through the distinctive educational contribution Catholic school communities offer. Finally, Catholic schools serve as models for all within the Bunbury Diocese who seek to create genuine communities, based upon shared commitment to the common good.

Changing demographics and a growing population have increased the demand for Catholic education in the southern regions of our State. This will increase the need for support for the Bunbury Regional Office of the Catholic school system.

To find out more about the Catholic Education Ethos and Services please see the Catholic Education Office website.