As an edifice of transcendent beauty, built to stand for 300 years, the Cathedral fulfils a diversity of needs for our Diocese, for Bunbury and the surrounding region.

Further the places and requisites for worship should be truly worthy and beautiful, signs and symbols of heavenly realities.

—Catechism of the Catholic Church, #253

It is the mother church and spiritual home of all the members of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Bunbury, which inspires our diverse community across the south west of Australia. The ministries at the Cathedral precinct will foster unity through worship, teaching and evangelisation, and works of service – especially to the poor and those at the margins of society. The Cathedral functions as a “palace of the poor,” serving those in need by appealing to volunteers and donors who support cultural and community projects from a platform that will exist for centuries.

Now we must look ahead, we must “put out into the deep”, trusting in Christ’s words: Duc in altum! What we have done this year should inspire in us new energy, and impel us to invest in concrete initiatives the enthusiasm which we have felt.

—#15 Apostolic Letter, Novo Millennio John Paul II

It is the new home of the Bunbury parish community replacing the loss of St. Patrick’s to the Tornado of 16th May 2005. The Cathedral cements the bonds that make up our one faith-community from the Diocese’s 27 separate parishes and thousands of worshippers – from Mandurah to Albany, and from Margaret River to Esperance. The Cathedral will continue many of the ministries of its predecessor, adding to them as strategic planning continues. The parish and its clergy minister to the spiritual needs of the many people who life and work in the Bunbury region. (e.g., daily Mass, frequent opportunities for Confession, pastoral counselling, adult faith formation opportunities).

In this ‘house of God’ the truth and the harmony of the signs that make it up should allow Christ to be present and active in this place.

—The Catechism of the Catholic Church, #1181

…Christians construct buildings for divine worship. These visible churches are not simply gathering places but signify and make visible the Church living in this place, the dwelling of God with men reconciled and united in Christ.

—The Catechism of the Catholic Church, #1181

The other buildings on the Cathedral precinct reinforce its mission as a community centre and extend its effectiveness. The Cathedral precinct includes a large parish hall, a heritage centre, crypt, parish offices, presbytery, meeting rooms, visiting priests accommodation and diocesan offices — the support services for all our parishes, schools and communities throughout the Diocese. The parish hall is an ideal venue for diocesan group gatherings, major adult education events, workshops and lectures. It will serve the greater Bunbury community as well. The Cathedral precinct is open to anyone who wishes to socialise on the lawns, look out over Bunbury and Koombana Bay, walk through the gardens, attend social and religious events, or take time for personal reflection and prayer.

Sacred images in our churches and homes are intended to awaken and nourish our faith in the mystery of Christ.

—Catechism of the Catholic Church, #1192

The Cathedral is the ideal gathering place for major events in the Diocese. The schedule of events certainly will include ordinations to the priesthood and the diaconate, adult Confirmations, welcoming of new Catholics from across the Diocese (“Rite of Election”), the Mass for the Blessing of the Holy Oils (“Chrism Mass”), celebrations of Catholic organisations and associations and gatherings from our many Catholic schools.

The visible church is a symbol of the Father’s house toward which the People of God is journeying and where the Father ‘will wipe every tear from their eyes.’ Also for this reason, the Church is the house of all God’s children, open and welcoming.

—Catechism of the Catholic Church, #1186