Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions – CDF Online Internet Access

1. Keep accurate records of daily transactions completed on CDF Online and reconcile account details regularly.
1.1. CDF Online does not maintain a “mirror processing” backup system for transactions entered during the day. The transactions are backed up during the end of day processing which normally occurs after midnight. If for some unforeseen reason the CDF is required to restore account files back to the end of the previous days processing and re-enter the current days transactions, all CDF Online transactions will have to be re-entered by the client. This may prove to be difficult unless the client and user have a good system for recording daily transactions processed.
1.2. The client will not be advised immediately if account numbers are incorrect and they are fully responsible if they direct credit/debit the wrong account at another bank. Any fees associated with the incorrect debit or credit of an external account will be passed on.

2. Important issues the Client must be aware of when authorising access to CDF Online.
2.1. The Principal Account Holder authorises the CDF to allow access to each account to specific access levels for each user. Access to CDF Online may be terminated by the Principal Account Holder at any time by giving notice to the CDF in writing.
2.2. The Principal Account Holder authorises the Logon Name and Password used by the user(s) with the authority to operate, to be the authorised signatories on the nominated accounts through CDF Online.
2.3. The Principal Account Holder indemnifies the CDF and takes full responsibility for all value and non-value transactions through CDF Online that use the Principal Account Holder’s or user(s)’ correct Logon Name and Password.
2.4. CDF may terminate or suspend access to CDF Online by the Principal Account Holder or the user(s) for any reason.
2.5. The Client acknowledges and accepts that the CDF cannot verify by way of signature comparison whether CDF Online access was correct and accepts that the use of the correct Logon Name and Password is the equivalent of a signature.

3. Security
3.1. CDF online is browser based and uses the latest 128 bit encryption technology and VeriSign security which is the same high level of encryption technology as many of the leading Financial Institutions. The user can confirm their CDF Online session is encrypted by the appearance of a “lock” symbol at the foot of the browser.
3.2. User(s) are issued with a Logon Name and Password only after the Principal Account Holder’s authorisation has been received. The first time a user logs on to CDF Online with a new or replacement Password they will be automatically prompted to change their Password.
3.3. As additional security user(s) have the option to change their Logon Name to their own preference
3.4. User(s) are able to transfer funds within the Principal Account Holder’s own accounts or to other clients’ accounts with the CDF but are unable to transfer funds to external financial institutions or other CDF’s unless authorised by the Principal Account Holder.
3.5. If a user suspects there has been or may be unauthorised access, the CDF can disable access immediately upon receipt of advice.
3.6. Transfer of funds to external financial institutions will be processed once daily at 1.45 p.m. (WST) on a banking day.
3.7. After 10 minutes an inactive web page will be automatically logged off by the system. A new internet session must be commenced if the host session is inactive for a further 2 minutes.
3.8. Access will be blocked if there are 3 successive unsuccessful login attempts during a 24 hour period (from Midnight daily). Access may only be restored through the CDF who will restore access after ascertaining identity of user.
3.9. There are two levels of authorised access available for each account for each user .
3.10. There is a record of all communication on CDF Online. All transactions processed through CDF Online are processed with normal “batch” transactions and will show on CDF hard copy reports
3.11. Credit external Payments will be subject to a daily limit, which must be authorised by the Principal Account Holder.
3.12. Debit external accounts will be subject to a transactional limit authorised by the Principal Account Holder and accounts must be pre-nominated.

4. Principal Account Holder’s Security Precautions
There are several key precautions that should be observed by Principal Account Holders and users when using CDF Online
4.1. Password must be kept secret and secure.
4.2. Never leave a computer unattended while logged on to CDF Online
4.3. Do not use date of birth, telephone number, address, name or names of friends, relatives or associates in a Password
4.4. Change Password regularly, at least monthly is recommended
4.5. Always exit CDF Online when finished by clicking on the log off button
4.6. Use a reputable Internet provider
4.7. Always use the latest available virus scanning software or virus signature file.
4.8. Keep complete and accurate records of daily transactions initiated through CDF Online
4.9. The Principal Account Holder is to ensure the CDF has a current and accurate account operating authority.