In May 2005, a destructive tornado brought about the sad and sudden end to the eighty four year old Bunbury’s St Patrick’s Cathedral. No lives were lost, but the Cathedral was mortally damaged.
Although primarily a Catholic Church, St Pat’s was an icon for the entire community. It was recognised, appreciated and respected by people far and wide. For Catholics, it was the inspirational centre for a wide variety of services to Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

With its unmistakable red roof and soaring spire, St Patrick’s Cathedral was a constant symbol of faith, community strength, and nobility of human spirit. People in Bunbury, and from communities throughout the southern regions of Western Australia, experienced a deep sense of loss at the destruction of this celebrated building. Now there is a gaping hole in the Bunbury skyline, in the heart of the community, and in the religious, cultural and social fabric of the much wider Bunbury Diocese. Overwhelming community response confirms the need for a new cathedral.

Building a cathedral is an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the community in which it will be located. The new Cathedral to replace St Patrick’s, with its precinct, will be open to all for a wide variety of occasions and events, religious and community. All will be welcome.

Designed by renowned and multi-awarded architect, Marcus Collins, the new structure will be an inspiring landmark that will help define Bunbury as one of Australia’s most progressive and innovative regional cities.

The new Cathedral will become a focal point for providing for the religious needs of people, and promoting unity and understanding across our broad community. It will extend a tradition of sharing, and help encourage a spirit of generosity across the community.

By building and restoring the new Cathedral precinct, we are honouring our heritage, and assuring the future.

“The strong call from the community to the Church has been to build a new iconic cathedral where St Patrick’s stood. The Church has responded to the community call by following its wishes.”