Rebuilding the Cathedral Precinct

New Cathedral site plan
The new Cathedral precinct will be valued, not only by the Catholic community, but also by the many people who will benefit from the current and future pastoral services the Diocese will provide. The development of the Cathedral precinct will also add immense value to the growing city’s charm, creating a strong visual appeal, whilst simultaneously radiating a subtle but distinctive sense of security and social cohesion.

The new Cathedral will have a powerful presence and will breathe with a life of its own. It will restore the contribution made to the economy by its predecessor, by attracting people back to the array of shops, restaurants and cafes located within the Central Business District. The Cathedral exists for the glory of God and as a sign of God’s presence for people in the world. It exists to serve as a focus for the life of the Diocese of Bunbury, and for the ministry of the Bishop. The new Cathedral will treasure the best in the life and traditions of the Church.

The Cathedral precinct will become a dynamic and well patronised centre for worship, reflection, community and mission. A place to express and to receive Christian hospitality, to feel God’s peace and love, and to share the simple joy of community with other people.

“The Cathedral holds a special place in the hearts and souls of thousands of locals who have grown up with the impressive sight of the beautiful building standing proud on a hill at the southern end of the CBD”
South Western Times, Thursday, June 2, 2005