Our Vision

Our vision is to respond to the wish of the community, expressed in wide-spread consultation, that a new iconic Cathedral be built. The new Cathedral will be a striking memorial of the present community to future generations.
The new Cathedral will also be a significant landmark and attract visitors from far and wide. It will restore the contribution made to the local economy by its predecessor, by attracting people back to the shops, restaurants and cafes located nearby.

After intensive community consultation, the vision to rebuild the Cathedral precinct includes some very clear objectives.

• A new Cathedral centred on the same axis as Victoria Street, Bunbury’s main thoroughfare.
• A traditional appearance, including a prominent and welcoming entrance, a tower and a spire.
• An attractive, impressive Cathedral precinct that will inspire the visitor and withstand the test of time.

For the next three centuries, it will be a monument to the spirit of Bunbury, a beacon of spiritual guidance for millions of people and a provider of essential services for generations to come. (175)

“During the next three centuries more than 30 million people will visit the new St Patrick’s Cathedral. More than 17,000 couples will stand before the altar to exchange their wedding vows. More than 73,000 babies will receive Baptism here. More than 60,000 children will receive their First Holy Communion; and more than 50,000 young people will reaffirm their commitment to God through Confirmation.”