Our Challenge

With a lifespan measured in centuries, the redeveloped Cathedral Precinct will be one of the largest, most important and most enduring projects ever undertaking in Bunbury. The importance of the Cathedral, not just to Catholics but to the entire community, has been confirmed by extensive community consultation. That consultation made it clear that the community not only wants the new Cathedral to be built on the same site, but that it catch the eye, inspire the soul, and become an icon recognised and renowned far and wide.

Our challenge is to create such a building, and to overcome some real and present financial problems.
It must be designed to meet many architectural and functional challenges, with the flexibility for future developments to meet the needs of future generations.

“The location of St Patrick’s was chosen nearly 90 years ago when vehicle access and car parking space were barely considered. Extensive work is needed to modify the Cathedral Precinct to make room for up to 175 cars.”