Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cathedral?
Cathedral is derived from the Greek word, ‘cathedra’ which means ‘seat’. A Cathedral is a church which has the seat that symbolises a Bishop’s service of his Diocese. It will be from the new Cathedral that services to help the poor, sick, young, elderly and disadvantaged will be inspired and strengthened to meet the need for the future.

Why is this Campaign necessary?
The overwhelming community call for a more iconic style of Cathedral than the insurance payout for the demolished St Patrick’s Cathedral could provide is simply beyond the Diocese’s financial resources.

Are gifts to this Campaign tax deductible?
Yes. Gifts to the “Rebuilding the Cathedral” Campaign for the Catholic Diocese Bunbury are deductible for taxation purposes.

Why is the money sought over a four-year period?
This has a dual benefit of allowing donors to structure their gifts to maximise their taxation deductions, as well as encouraging larger gifts than would otherwise be possible.

Do I have to make my first payment immediately?
It will assist the Campaign if donations are received as soon as possible. Any pattern of payment is acceptable over four years. Payment may be made by cheque, credit card or direct debit; weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annually.

Will I be informed when my contribution is due?
Yes. A reminder letter will be sent to you prior to the date you nominate.

Will my gift be publicly recognised?
Certainly. Those donors, who wish to be recognised, will be. A permanent record will be kept in a designated area within the Cathedral Precinct that will honour the contribution and support from donors.

Are costs being incurred in this Campaign?
The diocese has engaged professional assistance in the same way it has done so for architectural and legal services. There are also secretarial, printing, telephone and postage costs involved. These costs are being met by the diocese which means every dollar gifted is going directly to the costs of rebuilding the Cathedral.