Dear brothers in the ordained ministry, sisters and brothers in Christ,

We write to each of you across the four dioceses of Western Australia to share with you that Dr Debra Sayce, Executive Director, Catholic Education Western Australia Ltd, will conclude her appointment as Executive Director on 31 December 2023. Dr Sayce has deeply discerned and decided to take up an appointment as the inaugural Head, Mission Enhancement and Outreach – Archdiocesan Agencies for the Archdiocese of Perth – see attached statement. Dr Sayce has made a magnificent and enduring contribution to Catholic Education in Western Australia since 1994. After beginning her career as a teacher, she was successively appointed to numerous roles, culminating in becoming the first lay person to be appointed by the bishops of Western Australia as the Director of Religious Education. In 2017, Dr Sayce was appointed as the Interim Executive Director and subsequently confirmed in the role in 2018. Dr Sayce’s passion for Catholic education and her personal commitment to enhancing a lived expression of the Church’s mission through Catholic education has made her an outstanding leader. Dr Sayce has always clearly enunciated the wonderful gifts of a Catholic education for students and brought a distinctive witness to the Gospel values and theological teachings that underpin the Church’s ministry of education. Let us give thanks to Dr Sayce for her enduring legacy to Catholic education across the four dioceses of Western Australia and our nation.

Appointment of Mr Wayne Bull as Executive Director (2024)

The bishops of Western Australia have appointed Mr Wayne Bull, the current Deputy Executive Director, to the position of Executive Director of CEWA Ltd for 2024. Mr Bull has been a long-term contributor to CEWA, initially as a teacher, prior to his appointment to a number of senior leadership positions in various schools before advancing to school principalship in 2000. He was appointed CEWA Deputy Executive Director in 2020. In conjunction with Ms Eva Skira AM, Chair – Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia, the bishops of Western Australia will commence the consultation and recruitment process for the next Executive Director of Catholic Education Western Australia Limited during 2024, for appointment in 2025. We invite you to hold Dr Sayce, Mr. Bull, as well as all those who actively place themselves at the service of enhancing the lives of young people, their families and our Catholic communities across Western Australia through Christ-centered and childfocused learning communities that inspire all to actively live the Gospel in your prayers.