Report of Activities Undertaken
Since Its Establishment In
July 1991

Pregnancy Help (Bunbury) arose in response to needs identified by Laurie Sutherland in his capacity as a Senior Social Worker with the Department for Community Development. Together with his wife, Grecian, fellow DCD workers, Helenmary Sykes and Deane Kain, Laurie nurtured the concept of a support agency for women faced with unplanned pregnancies. A meeting was convened in April 1990 for concerned Christians to address the need for a support agency. A Steering Committee was formed which saw to the drafting of a constitution for management of the agency. Also, an application to the Bunbury Community Group to lease office space in the Lotteries House complex was successful with equipment being generously supplied by the Lotteries Commission.

A recruitment campaign for our initial group of volunteers was undertaken during May/June 1991 and a weekend training program was conducted in Mid-June 1991 with 15 volunteers participating. Pregnancy Help (Bunbury) opened its doors to public clients from its premises in Lotteries House on 23rd July 1991 with agency trained counsellors and other voluntary workers on the Management Committee.