Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who was born as one like us in every way but sin.  It reminds us too that Jesus shares his divine life with us all through Baptism.

Christmas reminds us that, as the divine and human were one in Jesus, we too need to nurture the divine life within us so that it integrates with the human in us progressively as our lives go on.  Jesus taught us how to do this through daily prayer, participating in celebrations of the sacraments, meditating on the scriptures and loving others selflessly – particularly the sick, the poor and anyone in need.

As the divine life within us becomes integrated, increasingly we find ourselves empowered to live as Jesus taught.  As it matures, it forms us to think, speak and behave increasingly like Christ himself.  It empowers us to love as he did and to reflect his face to others.

Christmas, therefore, reminds us of who we can become. It encourages us to nurture the divine life Jesus shares with us. 

As we do so we find the ‘peace on earth’ the angels sang of growing in our hearts.  We can become people of peace in our families and among our friends.

I wish all a Christmas of renewed peace and happiness.


Most Rev Gerard J Holohan
Bishop of Bunbury