The 29th May marked the end of the first month of the Acculturation Program for priests.

All the participating priests have worked extremely hard, and will now have a well deserved break before the program resumes in July.

Most recently, the program was held at Bunbury Catholic College, and the large school oval was the perfect place to spend lunch time after sitting still for long periods.

It seems that our priests have some hidden talents with a soccer ball and football, which you can see from the photos posted on the Diocesan website.

In evaluating the first month of the program, all participants commented that it has been extremely worthwhile, and most helpful to their ministry as priests in this diocese.

We look forward to resuming the program in July, and once again thank all parishioners who have supported their parish priest during what has been a very busy month for them.

Thanks also to Steph, our wonderful caterer who has made sure that everyone was well fed, and all our presenters who worked so hard this month.