A Message from Bishop Gerard Holohan

Bishop of Bunbury, Gerard J Holohan

Following Jesus Christ, we the Church seek to spread the love of God through our services to others and care for those in need.In order for us to undertake this mission, we need a range of resources, both personal and material.

The Catholic Development Fund exists to assist in meeting the material needs of the church in today’s world.
A wealth of experience has been developed over the years to ensure that your investments are secure and that the best possible use is made of your investment dollar.

Not only do you receive a competitive return on your deposit, but you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are playing an active role in supporting the mission of the church.

I urge you to open an account with the Catholic Development Fund, which is the financial arm of the Diocese of Bunbury. You are assisting our Diocese to generate income for it’s mission. You are joining the work of Jesus.