What is the Bunbury Youth Ministry Office?

The Bunbury Youth Ministry Office (BYMO) was established by Bishop Gerard Holohan in order to create and improve ministry to young people though the Catholic  Diocese of Bunbury. BYMO is part of the Diocesan Pastoral Office and works in youth ministry on both a Parish and Diocesan level. We hope to help young people to recognise and understand Christ’s presence in their lives. We want vibrant, active and healthy young people throughout our Diocese and do our best to make this happen!

Who is part of the Bunbury Youth Ministry Office?

BYMO currently consists of our Youth Coordinator, Aaron Faure and our Youth Chaplain, Fr. Christian Saminal. BYMO is part of the Diocesan Pastoral Office under Rebecca Ward the Manager of Adult Faith Education. BYMO also has a group of amazing volunteers who offer  their time and effort to help and support the work of the BYMO and  performs a range of different tasks.

So what do we do?

We hope to provide an awesome youth ministry to the young people of the Diocese. BYMO works to help and support parishes in Youth Ministry and also coordinates Diocesan Youth Ministry events. Some of our main tasks are:

  1. Consulting with Parishes to develop and sustain active Youth Ministry initiatives.
  2. Helping and supporting parishes to minister to young people effectively through networking, training and formation.
  3. Working so that young people throughout the Diocese have a voice that is respected and heard.
  4. Developing an active and healthy Diocesan Youth Ministry through events, camps and retreats.
  5. Creating an inclusive, efficient and collaborative Diocesan Youth Office that is vibrant and loving.
  6. Ensuring all young people throughout the Diocese know that they are loved and cared about by Christ and His Church.

Get involved!

We hope that as many people as possible involved in youth ministry. This means you! We are always in need of a wide variety of volunteers of all ages and of many different skills, abilities and gifts. Or perhaps you would like to contribute but not sure how, we would love to hear from anyone willing to give their time and effort to help Youth Ministry grow across the Diocese. We would especially like to hear from young people who would like to become leaders in youth ministry.  We always appreciate and need your prayers especially – so please pray for us!